Find an Insurance Agent in Fort Smith, AR

Fort Smith, Arkansas was first established in 1817 as a military base. Over time, after the base was no longer utilized, communities began to grow and thrive in the area. In fact, Fort Smith was a large factor in the settling of the "Wild West". Even though those days are long gone, you can still learn about the rich history in Fort Smith by visiting the many historic sites in the city, including the Fort Smith National Historic Site, the Fort Smith Museum of History, and the Fort Smith Trolley Museum. If you're looking to immerse yourself in nature, Fort Smith locals enjoy white water rafting, fishing, hiking, and even bird watching. As you plan your itinerary, make sure that obtaining the right coverage is at the top of your list. Use our independent agent locator to find offers from Fort Smith insurance agents.

Auto Insurance

Whether you're fighting rush-hour traffic or running errands just down the street—it's no secret that you need auto insurance. In contrast, what isn't common knowledge are the state-minimums in Arkansas, as well as the reasons many vehicles and households could benefit from higher coverage caps. Talk to one of our Fort Smith auto insurance agents about the right policy for your needs, and learn why Nationwide has earned a 95% membership satisfaction rating.

Home Insurance

Fort Smith has many different neighborhoods with different flood risks, property value trends, and housing construction quality. Our Fort Smith home insurance agents work hard to understand these local neighborhood factors, as well as the personal priorities of the families who live in them. Whether you might be interested in Nationwide's Brand New Belongings® or another coverage option, don't hesitate to use our online tool or reach out to a Nationwide agent.

Life Insurance

When a state or municipal government meets to chart the best path forward for government finances, they don't stick to the budget for just the next month; they're looking at long-term planning and potential financial obligations. Households are no different, and you can take care of loved ones over the long haul with a personalized life insurance policy. No matter your short-term and long-term priorities, let a Nationwide life insurance protection agent walk you through the choices available to you.

Business Insurance

In a thriving city like Fort Smith, there is a diverse mixture of established industries, expanding markets, and small businesses. But no matter the type, every company shares a desire to protect their business from unexpected losses, while also enabling them to pursue future growth. In that respect, every company can benefit from comprehensive business insurance.