Find a Nationwide Insurance Agent in Los Angeles, California

Welcome to Hollywood, the home of the entertainment industry in the US. From TV to movies to music, Los Angeles is a city filled with stars and many looking to catch their first break in the business. With attractions like the Hollywood sign, the Walk of Fame, movie studios and homes of famous actors, there's plenty for visitors to check out. The city is also the largest in California, with nearly 3.9 million residents. Whether you're an aspiring actor or a long-time resident of LA, you'll want to make sure you don't have limited insurance coverage. Search by location or product to see what products insurance agents in the Los Angeles area are offering

Auto Insurance

Los Angeles's packed greater metropolitan area means that there are a lot of people on the roads during the workweek rush hour. But you don't have to test the daily downtown commute to benefit from the protection of Los Angeles auto insurance from Nationwide. There are also plenty of RVs, motorcycles, and other specialty vehicles enjoyed by residents across the city. Talk to one of our Los Angeles auto insurance coverage agents about your coverage and discover the services and products that have earned us a 95% member satisfaction rating.

Home Insurance

Whether you're protecting a home that's been in the family for generations, or you've just bought a house in one of the city's fledgling newer communities, it's impossible to foresee every possible hazard. A Los Angeles home insurance policy can help get you and your family back on their feet when covered damages occur. Along with the usual options included in a homeowners policy, you should inquire about our Brand New Belongings®, Better Roof Replacement®, and other Nationwide homeowners programs that can strengthen your coverage and your peace of mind.

Life Insurance

You know how people think they know Los Angeles just because they've heard enough of the city's folklore? it's not all that different with life insurance. Just because you've heard about term, whole, universal, and variable policies doesn't mean you know which one is right for your household and family planning. Fortunately, our Los Angeles life insurance policy agents have plenty of experience understanding the individual concerns of local families and their life insurance decisions.

Business Insurance

If you're like a lot of Los Angeles business owners we know, you're constantly evaluating and worrying about the vulnerabilities facing your company. What risks keep you up at night? Broken windows and late night burglary? An employee or contractor getting in an accident with a company vehicle? Fire and/or flooding? Like so many things, we can't prevent every instance of commercial loss, no matter how hard we try. Fortunately, our Los Angeles comprehensive business insurance agents can serve as risk management experts for companies in a variety of sizes and industries.