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  • Auto Insurance

    Get an auto insurance policy you can count on from Nationwide.

  • Homeowners Insurance

    Protect your house and personal property by choosing the right insurance coverage from Nationwide.

  • Life Insurance

    Let us help you select life insurance coverage that meets your needs, your life and your budget.

  • Business Insurance

    Cover your business with commercial insurance from Nationwide.

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About Cheryl Ann Garland-Litwiler

Married to Stephen for 19 years and has two boys. Parker 17 and Jordan 16


  • Graduated from Edinboro University 1991

Languages Spoken

  • English

Licensed In

  • PA


  • Auto
  • Life
  • Home
  • Business

Our Insurance Products

The Nationwide Insurance: Patricia Inc. DBA Garland-Litwiler Agency in Mc Kean, PA provides the following products. To learn more about each insurance product, click on the links below.

  • Auto Insurance

    Your vehicle is an investment in both access and opportunity, which is why it's important to make sure it has the insurance coverage that you need to protect it. Patricia Inc. DBA Garland-Litwiler Agency knows how important this is to drivers in Mc Kean, which is why we work with Nationwide to provide policies to our members. Each vehicle and each driver is unique, so their insurance coverage also needs to be.

    When building a policy, Cheryl Ann Garland-Litwiler asks members to look at the level of liability coverage they need first. From there, we help you figure out the best combination of collision and comprehensive coverage to protect the vehicle from damage when it is in motion and when it is parked. We will also work with you determine what discounts you may qualify for. For example, safe driving history and the vehicle's onboard safety options may help drivers reduce the cost for insurance.

    Get the peace of mind you need by getting the policy that fits your needs. Call (814) 476-7965 today. Our agents are ready to answer questions, provide quotes, and sell policies over the phone for our clients' convenience. If you prefer to review your insurance needs face-to-face, you can also call to schedule an appointment. Face-to-face appointments are held in our office at 5199 West Rd.

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  • Homeowners Insurance

    When you have a home of your own, you want to protect it and be certain that your family is safe and your lifestyle secure. There are many factors that go into determining insurance needs, including your location, home, possessions, and any additions on your property such as pools or structures. You will find that the experienced professionals at Patricia Inc. DBA Garland-Litwiler Agency are on hand to help with many types of home insurance coverage. We start with a thorough review of your particular situation and recommend options that will be the best fit for you.

    With the appropriate home insurance in place, you will be able to weather the storms that come your way, knowing that you are protected against the elements. You will also be protected against other types of damage or loss, such as that done by theft. We have many different insurance plans from which to choose and several attractive features to share with you.

    Cheryl Ann Garland-Litwiler, your agent in Mc Kean, can offer excellent Nationwide insurance coverage. If disaster does strike, all you have to do is call (814) 476-7965 to get the ball rolling. Because Patricia Inc. DBA Garland-Litwiler Agency in Mc Kean partners with Nationwide, we have an outstanding claims service and can help you get back to normal quickly. We invite you to visit our office at 5199 West Rd to discuss benefits designed to make your insurance needs easier, such as On Your Side® Reviews and home insurance discounts.

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  • Life Insurance

    If you have children, a spouse or anyone in your life who depends upon you financially, you need life insurance. The same holds true if you depend upon someone else financially. Life is unpredictable but it is within your power to minimize or even eliminate the financial impact of unexpected life events.

    We at Patricia Inc. DBA Garland-Litwiler Agency are here to help people like you in the Mc Kean area. We are here to answer your questions and make life insurance understandable. We will explain term versus permanent insurance and we will outline the types of life insurance that may be best for you.

    When determining the amount of coverage you need, you should consider both your present and future circumstances. What are your current financial needs and what do you expect to be the future financial needs for your family?

    You should factor in your current age, income and debts and the likely financial impact of lost income. You should also consider final expenses as well as future educational needs for your children and even for yourself or your spouse. If you are a one-income household, you should be sure to purchase a policy that will cover that income in its entirety if lost.

    Life gets hectic; make sure you are not too busy to take care of yourself and your family. Call us now at (814) 476-7965 and ask for Cheryl Ann Garland-Litwiler. We are located at 5199 West Rd,Mc Kean,PA,16426 and you are welcome to stop in any time. Let us help you find the right policy to assure your family’s financial security.

    LAW-0248AO (05/18)

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  • Business Insurance

    When it comes to owning and operating your own business, few choices may seem clear or simple. Cheryl Ann Garland-Litwiler can help change that – at least as far as insurance is concerned. Our agency works with Nationwide to provide improved insurance solutions to people in the Mc Kean area looking for a great business policy. For years, Nationwide has led the way in outstanding customer service, rapid claims response, and much more. Nationwide allows us to offer personalized business insurance policies. These solutions are personalized to address the unique spectrum of concerns affecting your organization. This is a great way to effectively manage the risks associated with doing business in your industry.

    Risk is an inescapable part of doing business, but it can be managed through strategic choices. Choosing to get an insurance policy from a company with a proven track record is a good way to be sure that support is going to be there when you need it. Nationwide excels in service and support, so our valued customers are never left without the information they require. At Patricia Inc. DBA Garland-Litwiler Agency, we believe that insurance companies should be responsive to the concerns of customers, so we strive to deliver beyond expectations.

    Obtaining insurance through a company that knows and understands the particular concerns affecting business owners is a wise choice. Nationwide has distinguished itself as a leader in policy provision and our team looks forward to helping you access the coverage solutions you really want. To discover what improved insurance coverage could do for you, please call (814) 476-7965 or visit our 5199 West Rd office.

    Nationwide offers small business resources to help you strengthen your business, such as financial calculators and information and articles on marketing and cash flow management. Learn more at the Business Solutions Center.

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The Patricia Inc. DBA Garland-Litwiler Agency also offers products in PA. Please call for information on products in those states.

About the Patricia Inc. DBA Garland-Litwiler Agency

The Garland-Litwiler Agency, located in Mckean for 17 years, was acquired by Cheryl after the previous agent retired. Cheryl Garland-Litwiler has worked for Nationwide since 1994 and acquired this agency in 1997. Cheryl has been a life long Northwestern PA resident and is married to Stephen and has two sons Parker (15) and Jordan (13). She is a graduate of Linesville High School and graduated from Edinboro University of PA in 1991. She loves being an agent and meeting new people. Gary Garland (Cheryl's cousin) is an associate agent and has been with the agency since 2013. New to the area, he is excited to meet new people and provide them with the protection that the need.
WHY US? The answer is simple: we care about people and that they are insured properly. We always strive to provide the best service possible. We like to provide that hometown feeling, allowing us to truly get to know our customers and their families.

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