Find an Insurance Agent in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., is a dynamic city that goes beyond its political image, offering a rich blend of history, culture, and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. The iconic National Mall, featuring monuments and museums, serves as a captivating window into American history, while the Capitol area exudes a distinctive energy. Neighborhoods like Georgetown and Adams Morgan showcase a unique blend of historic charm and contemporary vibrancy, housing everything from upscale boutiques to eclectic cafes. D.C. is a cultural melting pot, with the Smithsonian museums providing a diverse array of exhibits, and the Kennedy Center offering top-notch performances. Navigating the bustling city is easier with the right insurance coverage, and local independent insurance agents in D.C. are available to assist residents in finding the optimal plans for a secure city living experience.

Auto Insurance

For many D.C. drivers, the household vehicle is just as much as about getting out of the city on the weekend as it is getting to work during the week. (To this point, Nationwide also provides boat insurance.) Talk to a D.C. auto insurance agent about the right coverage for your household, as well as the member resources that have helped Nationwide earn a 95 percent satisfaction rating.

Home Insurance

Home insurance provides basic coverage against fire, theft and covered weather events. A D.C. home insurance agent can help you select additional coverage options that make sense for your household.
Between the areas stable housing prices and low vacancy rates, replacement cost plus is one popular option. Flood insurance, liability coverage, expanded sewer protections and the exclusive Brand New Belongings® coverage.

Life Insurance

In the vibrant capital of Washington D.C., where families encompass a spectrum of backgrounds and financial situations, prioritizing life insurance is paramount. Nationwide's local agents understand the diverse needs of the city's residents, offering tailored policies to safeguard your loved ones' futures. Whether you're planning for your family's financial security or preparing for unforeseen circumstances, our agents are equipped to guide you through the array of options available. By securing life insurance, residents of Washington D.C. can ensure peace of mind and provide their families with the stability they deserve in the face of life's uncertainties.

Business Insurance

The local D.C. economy is about much more than just running the country. For the many restaurants, retail stores, health professionals, legal firms and contracting services that populate the city's commercial sector, Nationwide provides versatile risk management insurance products.
Our D.C. business insurance agents can help you find the right combination of liability coverage, property damage/inventory loss, fleet insurance and more specialized policy needs.