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Get an insurance quote

Whether it's the time you take to research your desired make and model or the actual money you spend on it, your vehicle is a huge investment. This makes it all the more important to make sure it's protected with the right auto insurance.

Finding the auto insurance policy that's best for you can be a hectic experience. We'll go over the most important things to know below, but we encourage you to reach out to Harry J. Insley for additional help. The agency can provide the local expertise to walk you through the entire purchasing process in Milford, DE and can prepare a car insurance quote that meets your specific needs.

How much auto insurance do I need?

Before you can answer, "How much car insurance do I need?" there are three basic things we'll need to review first: the types of auto coverages that exist, DE's insurance requirements and your budget. At Harry J. Insley, we can review these topics with you in further detail and ultimately build the right policy.

1) Understand the types of DE auto coverages.
There's a wide range of auto coverages that make an insurance policy, and it's good to know what they are to determine how much coverage you need. Here are the basic coverages and types of insurance:

Liability coverage
Liability coverage accounts for damage you may be legally responsible for resulting from a covered accident. This can include damages for injuries and property damage to others.

Collision insurance
Collision insurance takes care of damage to your car after an accident with another vehicle.

Comprehensive insurance
Comprehensive coverage helps pay for damage to your car that is not caused by a collision, such as a weather event, vandalism or theft.

Uninsured motorist insurance
This insurance protects you from uninsured drivers and hit-and-run accidents.

Underinsured motorist insurance
Underinsured motorist insurance offers protection when you're in an accident with a driver who doesn't have enough insurance to cover all the costs.

Medical payments coverage
This coverage helps pay for you and your passengers' medical costs after a covered car accident.

Personal injury protection insurance
Personal injury protection insurance may help cover the cost of medical expenses and loss of income that results from a covered accident.

Gap coverage
In case your car is totaled after an accident or stolen, this coverage will help pay the difference between the value of your vehicle and the amount you owe on the lease or loan.

Towing and labor coverage
This coverage may allow you to get reimbursed for a tow and the labor costs associated with repairing of your vehicle.

Rental reimbursement coverage
If your car has to stay in the shop for an extended time after a covered accident, this coverage can help pay for a rental car.

2) Determine your state's legal requirements.
DE requires its drivers to have a certain amount of car insurance. If you don't know what the local insurance requirements are, Harry J. Insley can assist you in shopping for car insurance that meets the legal standard. It's important to note that the state minimum requirements may not provide enough coverage for your situation.

3) Consider your budget.
While your car insurance will have to meet certain standards, your budget is going to dictate how much car insurance you end up getting. As an independent insurance agency, we're committed to finding the best auto insurance quote for your dollar.

Multi-policy discounts

If you have more in your life to protect than just your car, combining policies can be a great way to save time and money. With Nationwide®, you can save when you bundle your home and auto insurance. With a homeowners and car insurance quote, you'll also benefit from:

  • Fewer insurance hassles from having everything in one place
  • More flexibility to make changes to your coverage
  • Opportunity to set up a single recurring payment
  • Top-tier customer service from independent Nationwide agents
Ready to see how Nationwide and Harry J. Insley can help protect your vehicle? Get an online car insurance quote today and see how easy it is to work with us.
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Frequently asked questions

What car insurance is required by law?

Car insurance requirements vary from state to state, but all states require some type of car insurance or proof of financial responsibility. In general, state requirements typically include some level of bodily injury liability and property damage liability coverage. Some states may also require personal injury protection, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage and uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. As a DE-licensed agency, Harry J. Insley can make sure your auto insurance meets the legal requirements.

How are car insurance rates determined?

There are many things that can influence your car insurance rate. Some of the most important factors include your age and driving experience, driving record, geographic location, your vehicle's make and model, and the amount of coverage you plan to purchase.

Which car insurance is best for me?

Which car insurance is best for you mainly depends on how much coverage you need. Here at Harry J. Insley, we'll review offerings from multiple carriers to ensure you get the right coverage at the best rate available.

How can I save money on auto insurance?

You can save when you bundle car insurance with your home or renters insurance. Usage-based insurance — auto insurance that's priced according to how you drive — can also provide an opportunity to save money on your premium. To see if this is right for you, contact Harry J. Insley. Keep in mind that usage-based insurance is not available in every state.

Are car insurance quotes free?

With Nationwide and Harry J. Insley, you can get a car insurance quote completely free of charge. And through our quick-and-easy quoting process, you can see your potential rate in as little as two minutes. Get a car insurance quote online today.