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Nationwide Auto Insurance

By choosing to live some distance from downtown Cleveland, local residents are able to enjoy safe neighborhoods and good schools. The common trade-off also applies for many people who must make a slightly longer commute to work. But even for motorists who almost never leave Solon, auto insurance coverage is still required to protect you and your vehicle. Let one of our Solon, Ohio insurance agents help you find the right coverage for your household. Also take a minute to learn how your safe driving is rewarded each year through our optional Vanishing Deductible® program and how, if you ever need it, the On Your Side® Claims Service will help get you back on the road.

Nationwide Home Insurance

Homeowners know they need to protect their home and belongings, but many are unclear about how their coverage works. Talk to a Solon home insurance agent about the dangers facing your property and how a policy can be tailored to protect your home. These risk factors are not always obvious. Just because you don't live on the shores of Lake Erie doesn't mean your home is safe from flooding. In 2011, many local homeowners were shocked to discover the states flood maps had been redrawn and they were now advised or even required to buy supplemental flood insurance. This is just one of the many reasons Nationwide offers members an On Your Side Review each year.

Nationwide Business Insurance

Outside the retail and hospitality companies in the city center, local business owners most often come from the ranks of the highly-educated and highly-skilled professionals that the town is known for. Whether your company is in the middle of the Solon Mall or still in a home office, let our Solon business insurance agents serve as your risk management advisor and protect what you've worked so hard to build.

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