Car Insurance

Nothing says the heartland of the United States like Kansas. Whether you’re driving around Wichita’s city streets or through miles of rolling wheat fields, we want you to enjoy the ride. With auto insurance from Nationwide, you can rest assured that you and your vehicle are taken care of. Talk with a Kansas agent to learn how Nationwide can protect you.

Homeowners Insurance

The state’s pioneer past makes it a home to people who are strong and resilient. Kansas faces some of the most severe storms in the United States, leaving you vulnerable to catastrophic events that could damage your home and put your financial investment at risk. That’s why homeowners in Kansas need the most reliable homeowners insurance. We take the likelihood of storms into account when we prepare your homeowners insurance policy, and if you need to file a claim, we’re with you every step of the way.

In addition to protection from severe storms, Kansas homeowners also need to consider the risk of break-ins. A Nationwide agent can help you assess these risks and find the best level of coverage for you.

Business Insurance

If you own any type of business—whether it’s large or small, new or old—it’s always smart to have business insurance. Without this protection, your business could be at risk. Thanks to the experts at Nationwide, it’s easy to choose a policy that will help your business withstand any risks or dangers that come with running it.

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At Nationwide, we take the stress and worry out of the equation so that you can focus on enjoying your home, family and business. We offer sound advice on policies, deductible amounts and even ways to find discounts on your premiums.

Visit us online to learn more about our auto, home, life and business insurance. Our Kansas agents are also available to meet with you in person or over the phone.