Find a Insurance Agent in Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, also referred to as Charm City, is a city known for being an important seaport and for having plenty of crab for residents and tourists to eat. The city is also loaded with American history, as it's the place where Francis Scott Key penned "The Star-Spangled Banner" which would go on to become the country's national anthem. As you begin to explore the inner harbor and all Charm City has to offer, make sure you're covered with the right insurance. Search by location or product to see what insurance agents in the Baltimore area are offering.

Auto Insurance

Many Baltimore motorists already know that the city consistently ranks near the bottom of the list for safe drivers and accident rates, but even the safest drivers need the protection of auto insurance coverage.

At Nationwide, we take extra effort to reward safe driving with our Vanishing Deductible© program. Along with our superior On Your Side© Claims Service, there's no mystery in how we've earned our 95 percent member satisfaction rating. Talk to one of our Baltimore car insurance agents about the right policy for your household.

Home Insurance

Many Baltimore neighborhoods are dominated by brick homes built before WWII. These strong exteriors help stand up to many brute home hazards, but they can also be difficult and expensive to replace. Keep in mind, too, that bare bones home insurance protection does not typically cover flooding and other coastal dangers.

A Baltimore home insurance agent can help you parse out what supplemental coverage options may be wise to strengthen the coverage for both your home dwelling and its contents.

Business Insurance

From the days in which Baltimore led in the manufacture of straw hats, whiskey, and oil refineries has emerged a vibrant metropolis of consumer businesses, health and education research, and legacy manufacturing. But no matter your business, Nationwide has the commercial insurance products and risk management expertise for your firm.

Discuss the risk factors created by your location, industry, and operations with one of our Baltimore business insurance agents. Let us help you safeguard what you've worked so hard to protect.