Car Insurance

At Nationwide, we understand that no two drivers are alike no matter where they live, work or drive. We provide auto insurance policy options that can even meet the needs of those who have already experienced the unexpected and still crave further adventures. Whatever your requirements or road-traveling aspirations are, you can count on our New Jersey auto insurance agents to help you pick the coverage plan that works best for you.

Homeowners Insurance

The county in which you purchase your home is a serious topic of discussion in the Garden State. Of the 21 counties in New Jersey, not one is completely shielded from environmental disasters such as hurricanes or blizzards. Any of these events could cause unexpected damage to your home, and you’ll want the peace of mind that comes with being prepared. Nationwide offers homeowners comprehensive protection against natural disasters in addition to indispensable fire and theft coverage. Our New Jersey homeowners insurance policies come with selectable options to repair damages or replace personal belongings regardless of your property's location.

Business Insurance

Operating a business in New Jersey comes with unique threats and challenges, some of which could result in a devastating loss of cash, inventory or property. Whether your company is in its startup stages, expanding or selling ownership, Nationwide offers business insurance policies that are tailor-made for a wide variety of arrangements. Through our New Jersey commercial insurance agents, you’ll be able to construct a customized plan that meets all your business needs and protects you from losing what you've worked hard for.

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Nationwide offers auto, home, life and business insurance for a wide range of situations and circumstances. Our user-friendly online quote tool lets you learn about our coverage plans. You can also speak with one of our agents to discuss your needs and options in an informative no-obligation consultation.