Car Insurance

New Mexico is home to gorgeous canyons, stunning vistas, and vibrant city life. No matter where you travel in the state, whether it’s to the Gila National Forest or the Aztec Ruins National Monument, consider Nationwide for your auto insurance needs. State law requires drivers to carry minimum liability and property damage coverage. We can make sure you are in compliance with New Mexico insurance laws and provide additional types of coverage such as comprehensive and collision.

Homeowners Insurance

New Mexico homeowners benefit from insurance premiums lower than the national average because natural disasters that cause property damage are rare. Whether you live in Santa Fe or Albuquerque, with homeowners insurance from Nationwide, you'll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is protected if an unexpected event does occur. The Brand New Belongings® program provides the full replacement cost of insured damaged or stolen property regardless of age or condition. New homes, those with protective devices, and those located in gated communities are eligible for additional savings.

Business Insurance

Running a business in New Mexico means you need a good plan and even better insurance. There are so many aspects for you to deal with in your company’s daily operations that you might not realize that it’s time for you to review your business insurance. The right commercial insurance can help you overcome certain issues that could have a negative impact on your business. Whether you have one or hundreds of employees, make sure you’ve covered all your bases with business insurance from Nationwide.

Get a personalized quote online

Nationwide specializes in the insurance needs of our New Mexico clients. Whether you need life, auto, home, business or combination coverage, our easy-to-use online tool can provide a personalized quote for policies designed for your protection. With Nationwide, you'll have an insurance company by your side to provide the coverage through life's major events, with a seamless, worry-free claims service and exceptional customer support.