Car Insurance

When it comes to driving in South Carolina, you never know what might happen. Traffic conditions change rapidly, and the weather doesn’t always make the roads safe. However, a Nationwide auto insurance policy can make it, so you can roll with the punches instead of getting left by the wayside. We offer discounts, personable customer service and a transparent and stress-free claims process. Speak to one of our South Carolina insurance agents to learn options that are pertinent to your needs.

Homeowners Insurance

The roots of United States history run deep in South Carolina, and even if your home is not old enough to be considered historic, it's the place where your family's history will be written. As a balmy southern state, South Carolina is spared the tumult of harsh winters that northern states must endure. Nevertheless, there is always a price to pay, and Mother Nature takes her toll in the form of summer storms such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and tropical cyclones. In addition to standard homeowners insurance coverage, Nationwide offers special homeowners programs like Better Roof Replacement® and Brand New Belongings® to help you rebuild stronger and better after a storm or other untoward event.

Business Insurance

With businesses thriving in both rural and urban centers of the state, South Carolina offers the entrepreneur the best of both worlds. Whether your business is farming or manufacturing, trust Nationwide to be able to connect you with a business insurance agent with the expertise to help you find the coverage you need for your business.

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South Carolina is a great place to live, raise a family and run a business. Choose Nationwide for all your insurance needs and get the flexibility and security you deserve. Check out our online quote or call us to get rates, coverage options and more.