Car Insurance

Regardless of whether you live East River or West River, South Dakota consists of wide-open spaces. Whether you travel for business, drive to visit distant relatives, or make weekend trips to the magnificent state parks, an automobile is essential to life in South Dakota. Therefore, auto insurance is similarly necessary to South Dakota life. With your kids being eligible to drive at age 14, you need the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they'll be protected on the road, and our good student discount rewards students who do well on their report cards.

Homeowners Insurance

South Dakota is the Land of Infinite Variety, and we know you wouldn't have it any other way. However, the infinite variety of which you are so justifiably proud can also mean severe weather that can occur unexpectedly. Tornadoes and hailstorms, strong winds and heavy snows can all cause partial or complete damage to your home. Living in South Dakota means embracing these risks, believing in the best while preparing for the worst. Consider Nationwide homeowners insurance as an integral part of your preparations. We offer superior claims service, and you can save money by bundling your homeowners policy with your auto insurance.

Business Insurance

You don’t have to have all the answers for a successful business to secure insurance for your company. Our South Dakota agents are experts in the field and can identify the coverage you need. Wherever you’re located across the state, and whatever field you’re trying to grow your business in, business insurance is crucial to protecting yourself for success. Trust Nationwide to help protect your business, farm or employees.

Get a Personalized Online Quote

As a South Dakotan, you value a job done right without a lot of unnecessary complication. Nationwide offers you the simplicity and convenience of obtaining online quotes from our website, but if you'd prefer to speak to an agent face to face, you are more than welcome to call and set up an appointment.