Find a Nationwide Insurance Agent in Franklin, TN

Nationwide Auto Insurance

Let a Franklin car insurance agent help you choose the right coverage and claim limits for your insurance and household needs. There are also ways to improve your coverage in future years. Nationwide rewards a clean driving and claims record with lower deductibles, known as the Vanishing Deductible© program. Plus, the On Your Side© Review looks for new policy discounts and coverage recommendations. Whatever you do, don't let essential auto insurance coverage lapse. Whether it's fighting the traffic along I-65 to get into downtown or managing the chaos of Franklin's five-way intersections, you need insurance protection from local motorist hazards.

Nationwide Home Insurance

Whether it's an aging brick facade of an historic downtown home or more modern stick framing in the surrounding area, your home needs insurance protection against fire, theft, wind and other covered events. Talk to one of our Franklin home insurance agents about the risk factors and extra coverage needs that may apply to your individual home. From flood insurance to the Brand New Belongings® program for expanded contents coverage, there are plenty of ways to tailor a policy for your home insurance needs. Keep in mind, too, that the high occupancy rate of single family homes and the general stability of many local Franklin neighborhoods cause many households to consider replacement cost plus coverage.

Nationwide Business Insurance

Even similar businesses may have different risk factors based on location. Consumer businesses located in and around the town square at Main and 3rd tend to have different operating hours and attract a different clientele than those companies based around highway traffic and stop-and-go customers.

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In just minutes, you can make a few policy selections and see personalized results. From there, you can immediately buy coverage online or discuss the coverage in further detail with a Nationwide agent.