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The 1st Trust Insurance Agency LLC in El Paso, Texas provides the following products. To learn more about each insurance product, click on the links below.

  • Car Insurance

    Understanding the language of insurance policies can be difficult, which is why 1st Trust Insurance Agency LLC focuses on being your guide to coverage whenever you ask for a quote on a new auto insurance policy. Whether you are looking to keep coverage on an older vehicle or you want to make sure your new purchase is fully protected, there are a variety of coverage options offered by 1st Trust Insurance Agency LLC to fit any driver's needs in El Paso.

    Liability coverage is the first and most basic kind required by most states, but your optimum level of coverage and your state's minimum requirements might be quite different. It all depends on your individual needs starting with the vehicle you drive. Agents at 1st Trust Insurance Agency LLC understand this, and part of the process of finding the right policy for each driver is finding the right combination of features. That means not only taking care of basic liability but also assessing your needs for collision insurance protection and comprehensive coverage to provide drivers with peace of mind even when the vehicle is parked.

    To ask questions about coverage or to talk to 1st Trust Insurance Agency LLC about other discounts you might qualify for, give our offices a call at (915) 231-6656. We are also able to make appointments for face to face consultations at our office located at 1401 Montana Ave. Whether you want to know more about prices and coverage levels or you're ready to move forward with a purchase, our agency is ready to help with your auto insurance questions.

  • Home Insurance

    Homeowners insurance is a crucial part of owning and protecting a home. That's why the 1st Trust Insurance Agency LLC has worked so diligently to understand the insurance priorities of 79902 homeowners and their residential properties. In fact, the exact location of your home may mean your home's risk profile is slightly different from that of your El Paso neighbors' right down the street. No matter the specifics, Nationwide has coverage that's right for your El Paso home, and our agents can help further personalize your homeowner's policy.

    How so? Beyond the location, the property itself often has very different kinds of assets that can be protected through home insurance coverage. The structure and dwelling coverage are the backbone of most policies, but 1st Trust Insurance Agency LLC offers plenty of additional coverage options through Nationwide. These options cover things like a detached garage or other buildings, contents and valuables, or even a number of exclusive coverage programs like Better Roof Replacement®. Plus, if the time ever comes when one or more of our homeowners need to return a home to its former glory, the Nationwide On Your Side® Claims Service offers extra peace of mind.

    Our office is located at 1401 Montana Ave. But our home insurance expertise extends throughout the greater El Paso area. Call the 1st Trust Insurance Agency LLC at (915) 231-6656 to get our take on the best way to protect against potential homeowner damages.

The 1st Trust Insurance Agency LLC also offers products in TX. Please call for information on products in those states.