Car Insurance

There is perhaps no more unique collection of landforms on earth than those in the state of Utah, and you get to visit these remarkable areas whenever you want. All you need is a car to take you there, and for that you need auto insurance coverage. Whether it's weekend trips to the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon or the daily commute to work in Salt Lake City, Nationwide is with you at all points of the journey.

Homeowners Insurance

Though in the rain shadow of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Utah receives monsoon moisture from the Gulf of California from October to May and winter months can bring lake-effect snow from the Great Salt Lake. In other words, Utah weather, while often less severe than other parts of the country, can nevertheless have a negative impact on your property. Homeowners insurance from Nationwide can help protect you from weather damage, fire, theft, and a host of other unfortunate events.

Business Insurance

Ideas connect in Utah, and Nationwide agents here can give you the business insurance ideas to insure your small business properly. Businesses can protect their financial interests with a business insurance policy that combines property and liability coverages in addition to coverages specific to your industry. And most employers say their employees are their most important asset; trust Nationwide to help prevent workplace injuries and handle claims promptly when an injury occurs. Whether it’s business owners policies, workers’ compensation, business auto, or umbrella, Nationwide agents can provide advice about the best commercial policies for your small business.

Get a personalized quote

Obtaining an insurance quote from Nationwide is both simple and easy. Call us to speak with an agent, stop into a local office, or choose one of the links below to quickly obtain a free quote online.