Car Insurance

Residents of Wisconsin have countless amazing travel spots to visit on any given weekend. Lake Michigan and the Wisconsin Dells are paradise for families with kids and adventurous photographers alike. Before hitting the road, make sure to have all of your auto insurance needs covered. Besides unexpected accidents where one or both parties are injured, you need comprehensive protection from the frequent hailstorms and wildlife hazards common year-round. In larger cities like Milwaukee, there’s also the significant amount of vehicle theft to think about.

Homeowners Insurance

Life in Wisconsin’s picturesque towns and cities is a dream. Places like the St. Croix Riverway provide access to a stress-free and beautiful living environment. Ironically, the abundance of rivers and large bodies of water like beloved Lake Michigan also increases your annual risk of damaging winds, blizzards and hailstorms. Wisconsin also has a very high incidence of summer tornadoes. With Nationwide homeowners insurance, your family can be protected against these events and even have a place to stay if parts of your home need to be rebuilt.

Business Insurance

Wisconsin’s famous dairy industry is home to many small businesses specializing in artisanal cheese and organic products. No matter the size or focus of your company, business insurance is key to success. In today’s changing economic climate, the unexpected – like workplace accidents – can be expected. Protect yourself and your business from liability and overcome unforeseen disasters with custom business insurance from Nationwide. We help you identify problem areas so you can protect your finances.

Get a personalized quote online

When choosing auto, homeowners, life and business insurance, it’s common to have lots of questions. That’s understandable and desirable, since it’s important to choose trustworthy insurance policies that really apply to your lifestyle and needs. Let our experienced Nationwide agents help you understand the pros and cons of each insurance option for a customized plan that’s a perfect fit. Use our online quote tool to get instant information or to sign up for a policy immediately.