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United Insurance Group Inc. in Cheney, KS

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About Your Elite Agency

Every client has unique insurance risks and needs. At United Insurance Group, we have the experience necessary to assist you in assessing those needs and designing coverage that provides peace of mind at the least expense possible.

Learn about our insurance products

  • Car Insurance

    Get an auto insurance policy you can count on from Nationwide.

  • Home Insurance

    Protect your house and personal property by choosing the right insurance coverage from Nationwide.

  • Life Insurance

    Let us help you select life insurance coverage that meets your needs, your life and your budget.

  • Business Insurance

    Cover your business with commercial insurance from Nationwide.

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  • Member of the Cheney Chamber of Commerce.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Areas Served

  • Sedgwick, Kingman, and surrounding KS Counties.

Nearby Landmarks

  • Sedgwick County Fair Grounds
  • Cheney City Hall
  • Cheney Public Library

Our Insurance Products

The United Insurance Group Inc. in Cheney, Kansas provides the following products. To learn more about each insurance product, click on the links below.

  • Car Insurance

    You know the importance of being a responsible driver who is defensive and aware of your surroundings. Now, it is time to enlist the help of United Insurance Group Inc. so we can create an auto insurance policy that is customized to meet the needs of your family. We take our job seriously and are confident we can design a policy that accurately addresses the unique risks your family faces.

    When you begin working with United Insurance Group Inc. at our Cheney office location, you will notice that adding drivers to your policy or modifying coverage options is simple, efficient, and understandable. By working together with Nationwide, we provide an On Your Side® Review where we assess changes that need to be made to your policy. We also look for ways to lower the rates you pay and provide you with discounts for which you may qualify such as good student discount or multi-policy discount.

    There is no greater time than now to protect your family with the security of a reliable auto insurance policy. You can call us today at (316) 540-3600 to set up an appointment at our office located at 205 N Main St. We look forward to helping you acquire the coverage you need.

  • Home Insurance

    Homeowners insurance is a crucial part of owning and protecting a home. That's why the United Insurance Group Inc. has worked so diligently to understand the insurance priorities of 67025 homeowners and their residential properties. In fact, the exact location of your home may mean your home's risk profile is slightly different from that of your Cheney neighbors' right down the street. No matter the specifics, Nationwide has coverage that's right for your Cheney home, and our agents can help further personalize your homeowner's policy.

    How so? Beyond the location, the property itself often has very different kinds of assets that can be protected through home insurance coverage. The structure and dwelling coverage are the backbone of most policies, but United Insurance Group Inc. offers plenty of additional coverage options through Nationwide. These options cover things like a detached garage or other buildings, contents and valuables, or even a number of exclusive coverage programs like Better Roof Replacement®. Plus, if the time ever comes when one or more of our homeowners need to return a home to its former glory, the Nationwide On Your Side® Claims Service offers extra peace of mind.

    Our office is located at 205 N Main St. But our home insurance expertise extends throughout the greater Cheney area. Call the United Insurance Group Inc. at (316) 540-3600 to get our take on the best way to protect against potential homeowner damages.

  • Life Insurance

    If you are thinking about purchasing a life insurance policy in Cheney, you might have a few concerns about the process. You are probably familiar with purchasing insurance for your vehicles and home. However, life insurance requires you to exercise a little more due diligence. Think of life insurance as a long-term, personal investment. The right coverage can provide financial stability for your family. The wrong coverage could leave them with unexpected expenses.

    At United Insurance Group Inc., we work with Nationwide to provide you with many insurance options to protect your most valuable assets. We understand the need for financial security and the challenges you may encounter in achieving it. We are here to help provide you and your loved ones with friendly and professional assistance in protecting the items and people you cherish the most.

    You want the best rates possible for your budget. For you to receive it, you need to consider which types of life insurance you need. Making this decision is not always easy. Fortunately, United Insurance Group Inc. and any of our team members are available to assist. There is some industry language you may not be familiar with that can make it challenging for you to understand policy options. We also offer different levels of coverage with varying death benefits and payment options.

    Your policy is only as good as your insurer’s reputation, experience and coverage options. To learn more about our products and how they can benefit you, call (316) 540-3600 to speak with one of our team members, or stop by 205 N Main St,Cheney,KS,67025 to discuss your insurance needs in our office.

    LAW-0241AO (05/18)

  • Business Insurance

    Like most business owners, you probably know pretty much everything about your business. Still, you may have lingering questions about your commercial insurance needs. The United Insurance Group Inc. can fill the gaps in your knowledge of Cheney business insurance, just as we can recognize and fill gaps in your policy coverage.

    Maybe you have questions about a business owner's policy or industry-specific coverage programs available from Nationwide. Maybe you have questions about different commercial insurance products including liability, property, and employee coverage. But no matter your concerns, you want to know that your business's past success has been safeguarded, while also putting your company in a great position for future growth.

    In addition to their great insurance products, the United Insurance Group Inc. also partners with Nationwide for superior account services. For example, whether you need to respond to changes in state law or local markets, don't underestimate the value of the Nationwide's On Your Side® Reviews. Let us explain how dependable customer service and flexible billing options make for stronger protection for your Cheney company. Give us a call at (316) 540-3600 so we can start discussing your business's insurance needs. We can also set up a time to talk in person at our local office. We're located at 205 N Main St.

    Nationwide offers small business resources to help you strengthen your business, such as financial calculators and information and articles on marketing and cash flow management. Learn more at the Business Solutions Center.

The United Insurance Group Inc. also offers products in KS. Please call for information on products in those states.