Find a Nationwide Insurance Agent in Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina is full of surprises, some even locals don’t know. For instance, did you know that the Charlotte metropolitan area is the largest in the U.S. without a zoo? There’s so much to explore and uncover in this historic city, but with that exploration, you need to make sure you’re covered with the right insurance. Search by location or product to see what products insurance agents in the Charlotte area are offering.

Auto Insurance

Many people who move from out-of-town are happy to discover lower rates associated with the Charlotte auto insurance market. Each vehicle and neighborhood has it's own risk profile, but what doesn't change is the superior Nationwide On Your Side © Claims Service. Along with a choice of repair shops, you can track your vehicle during each step of the process.

You can buy coverage directly online, or you can have a Charlotte car insurance agent help you find the right coverage based on the best policy fit for you and your household.

Home Insurance

Many places in North Carolina are at risk for flooding, including many areas around Lake Wylie and the creek basins that run through the city. Yet,

flood insurance is only one of the supplemental coverage options that may benefit local homeowners.

Talk to a Charlotte home insurance agent about our Brand New Belongings® program and other policy options. You can also ask about all the home hazards that are covered by a standard policy.

Business Insurance

From the city's financial and distribution sectors to mom-and-pop consumer businesses, we have the know-how to build a commercial insurance policy for all our local businesses. Whether you're trying to give your business a chance to establish itself or you need to protect the achievement your hard work has built, talk to a Nationwide insurance agent about the right policy and coverage for your company.