Find a Nationwide Insurance Agent in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is not only the largest city in Pennsylvania, it's a city that's well known for its important place in history, landmarks and of course, cheesesteaks. Here you'll find Independence Hall, where the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, the Liberty Bell and the famous Rocky statue and Rocky Steps. Before you dive into the many of attractions Philadelphia has to offer, make sure you're covered with insurance. Search by location or product to see what products insurance agents in the Philadelphia area are offering.

Nationwide Auto Insurance

Even with the ease of public transportation in and around Philadelphia, many Philly residents have a need for their own vehicle. Whether you brave the daily commute or use a car mostly for out-of-town trips, you still need auto insurance. Get coverage for liability and property damage, as well as additional coverage options, with Nationwide. Our members have the extra peace of mind that comes with the On Your Side© Claims Service and the ability to choose a repair shop and track your vehicle.

Nationwide Life Insurance

Let us protect your home against fire, theft and covered weather events. In many local, low-lying areas, additional flood insurance is advisable. Yet, this is only one way we can tailor a policy for your neighborhood and individual household priorities. Talk to a Philadelphia life insurance agent about replacement cost plus, expanded sewer coverage, Brand New Belongings® and other policy options.

Nationwide Business Insurance

The local economy boasts of corporate giants like Comcast and Sunoco, but there are also tons of smaller firms and consumer businesses that need protection against risk and unexpected loss. Our Philadelphia business insurance agents know exactly what your business needs to stay protected on all fronts.