Find a Nationwide Insurance Agent in San Diego, California

Known for its parks, beaches, and beautiful warm climate, San Diego is one of the most popular cities in North America. And, if you're a dog person, this gorgeous city has the most dog-friendly restaurants per capita in the country. Whether you want to visit the famous San Diego Zoo, check out the wildlife and lagoons at Torrey Pines State Reserve, or do a little shopping at the Seaport Village, San Diego is the perfect city to do a little bit of everything. If you live in the San Diego area, browse our list of products and independent insurance agents to get the coverage you need.

Auto Insurance

Considering San Diego's sprawling population, it's a testament to the city's drivers that there aren't more accidents each year. If the day ever comes when you need it, have the peace of mind that you'll be talking to Nationwide's On Your Side® Claims Service. In the meantime, if you want to enroll in our Vanishing Deductible® program, if you want to verify that you're getting every applicable rate discount, or for all of your policy questions, talk to one of our San Diego auto insurance agents.

Homeowners Insurance

If you live in the governor's mansion your home insurance is already taken care of. But pretty much every other homeowner in San Diego and the surrounding area needs homeowners coverage. Part of this coverage is about protecting the property investment you've made, but there's also the peace of mind of knowing that you'll be able to rebuild in the aftermath of many home damages. that's why we recommend you talk to a San Diego home insurance agent about Brand New Belongings®, Better Roof Replacement®, and other policy options available through Nationwide.

Life Insurance

In a thriving city like San Diego, there's a lot of diversity to celebrate, but many things about life insurance ring true for pretty much every local family or resident. The desire to provide for your loved ones, even in a worst-case scenario, for example. Or what about knowing that your long-term care costs are covered if you're diagnosed with a chronic illness? Talk to one of our San Diego life insurance agents about the different types of life insurance policies available through Nationwide.

Business Insurance

You don't have to be a multinational conglomerate for your business to need the essential protection that comes with liability and commercial property insurance. Whether you're looking for a very basic policy or a fully customized business owner policy, talk to one of our San Diego business insurance agents about how to better manage the risk your company faces every day. Learn more about how one of these policies can protect what you've worked so hard to build, while also positioning your company for future growth.